1. Dollar for dollar value

We promise to offer our clients industry-leading pricing and that our team will spend each client dollar with the efficiency of a start-up company.

2. Timelines

We promise that our planning, execution, and overall turnaround times for our clients will be at, or among, the most rapid and efficient in the industry. We know you want your content! We’ll make sure it’s provided as efficiently as your particular project will allow.

3. Our Effort

We promise that our team will put forth our highest effort and level of engagement on your project. We work on a fixed-price structure with a guaranteed client satisfaction clause. We don’t count hours or bill hourly; we work as much and as long as it takes to ensure you’re satisfied – it’s built into our contract!

4. yOur Effort

We understand that each client varies with their desired level of engagement. We know that some clients are busy and would prefer we handle all aspects of content creation and simply deliver them a polished final product. We also understand that some clients wish to be involved in many or all aspects of the creation of their content with specific criteria or deliverables. Either way – we have considerable experience with both and we are here to accommodate you!

5. Satisfaction

We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our work! We will work to meet your specifications, and continue post production edits as needed to address any and all changes you and your team may have. We will do whatever it takes – at all stages of production!