1) What types of media do you produce?

All types! We have years of professional experience producing national, international, and regional TV ad campaigns, targeted social media advertisements, short form content commonly found on TikTok or Instagram, reels, and promotional videos for private and non-profit organizations. We offer animated clips and logos, websites, professional photography services, and 3D animation. We use industry leading cameras, drones, stabilizers, lighting equiptment, and production sets. We use professional campaign developers, scriptwriters, set designers, makeup artists and talent scouts, with additional connections to a vast array of local and national affiliates. 


2) My organization is looking to increase sales of our product or service, but we have no idea what to do. Can you help me? 

Of course, that’s what we’re here for. We’ll meet with you – either virtually or in person – to discuss your product, service, or brand. We’ll discuss what your objectives are and whether you have any specific criteria for us to incorporate into your deliverables. Some clients know exactly what they want and come to us with very detailed requests. If that’s the case, our team will dive intricately into your project and closely address all details to make your vision a reality! 

Other clients would like to increase sales or brand awareness but have no idea where to start. If this is the case, we will meet with you to discuss your ultimate objectives, and based on those objectives and your budget, we will put together a comprehensive proposal of what our experts propose in your unique case. There’s no charge for this! You’ll be given a chance to review our proposal and suggest any changes you would like to make. Once you’re satisfied with our proposal, we will sign a contract complete with a customer satisfaction clause, and our team will start working right away!


3) I’m a large corporation looking for a seasoned, professional marketing agency. How can you demonstrate that you’ll meet my needs?

Blackpoint Digital has accumulated years of experience working with large, seasoned clients, some of which are highlighted on this website. We have considerable experience producing both nationwide and international campaigns for multinational corporations. We have worked with many S&P 500 companies including two companies in the top 10 of the S&P when weighted by market capitalization. We understand that our large clients expect high quality campaigns which 1) produce significant top and bottom line results, and 2) are developed at a cost consistent with shareholder expectations. We have consistently received glowing reviews from our larger clients because of our understanding and adherence to these principles. 


4) I’m not a large company but rather a small startup or limited budget nonprofit, will you be able to accommodate me? 

Most likely! Your objectives are just as important as those of larger corporations, and we will work with you to achieve those objectives. We have dedicated personnel who focus primarily on producing content for startups, non-profits, and other similar organizations. We segment smaller clients from larger corporate clients for multiple reasons: 1) this allows for easier communication among relevant parties, 2) startups and non-profits tend to be more specific and niche with their needs, which is best handled separately from complex corporate clients, and 3) this allows Blackpoint Digital to keep costs lower for our small clients while simultaneously providing our larger corporate clients with unbroken dedication and effort. Blackpoint Digital has been able to consistently provide high-quality advertising services to limited budget businesses and organizations at prices we’ve observed to be the lowest in this industry.


5) How much will this cost?

It depends on your needs and the scope of our effort. We will typically meet with potential new clients either virtually or in person (sometimes by email) to gain an understanding of their project needs. Based on those needs, we’ll assemble a work proposal designed just for you, and send it along for your review and consideration. This whole process is free of cost, so we encourage you to reach out to us.


6) Your website says you have the lowest costs around – is this true?

From everything we’ve observed – yes! Our costs have consistently remained substantially lower than our competitors (at least the ones we track). Blackpoint Digital has been carefully designed from its creation to have the lowest operating costs possible in this industry, which we in turn pass in large part on to our clients. We have taken dozens of steps to minimize our corporate overhead and perform many tasks in house which are outsourced in many other instances to expensive third parties. Our team consists of only hardworking dedicated members who earn a fair and reasonable salary. Our team members love what they do, and often work long nights and irregular hours with no extra benefit because they’re passionate about content creation. We are not a profit-driven organization and innovate internally to keep costs low. Some of our competitors pay their CEO and board of directors handsomely with your money – people who never set eyes on client work. At Blackpoint Digital, our ownership structure is unique such that all employees, including management, earn a fair and uninflated wage. We will spend your dollars wisely and provide you with the best results and the best value possible in this industry. 


7) What if my campaign needs something unique that you don’t have?

That’s okay! We maintain relationships with an array of outside agencies, affiliates and partners who maintain access to capabilities and connections we do not have internally. For example, if you require a video of a horse drawn carriage, our talent scout will locate one for your project. So far, we’ve accommodated nearly every client request to date, so we’re confident we can make your project work.


8) How long of a turnaround time should I expect for my project? 

Again, it depends on your specific project and how complex its requirements are. We’ve turned around projects as quickly as one day after contract execution. We’ve also worked on projects which have taken months to complete. During the proposal stage, we will estimate a targeted delivery date for straightforward projects and estimate a date range for complex, unpredictable projects. For projects with specific deadlines, we will work to incorporate them and are confident in our ability to meet any reasonable client-imposed deadline. As mentioned above, our corporate structure is efficient and streamlined and we have consistently delivered industry leading turnaround times. 


9) Will I be satisfied?

We bet you will! We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our clients. So much so that our contract has a specific client satisfaction clause where we guarantee that our clients will be satisfied. Even after our final product is delivered, we will make a reasonable good faith effort to retroactively incorporate minor changes requested by the client as specified in our client satisfaction clause. We want you to be happy – and we’re sure you will be!